Project 365 | Week 2

Still at it!!  I’ve also decided to take a different view on this project.  I’m extremely intrigued and drawn to black and white images.  It’s quite ridiculous, really.  Well, it was suggested to me by a fellow photographer to keep with the monochromatic theme and do the entire project in black and white!  So…that’s the plan!  I’m always up for a challenge!  Here’s week two!

8 | 365

This boys LOVES puzzles!  Plus, he typically gets to enjoy this without sibling interruption! Jan8-web9 | 365

No Pictures PLEEZ!!  A victim of the mamarazzi!Jan9-web10 | 365

These two are thick as mud and best lil’ buds! I hope they remain this way forever!Jan10-web11 | 365

Mama’s lil’ helper.  The only willing dish washer!Jan11-web12 | 365

Hi. My name is Max, and I’m an addict.  My weakness is snow!Jan12a-web13 | 365

Do yo want to build a snowman?  Finally, some decent snow!Jan13-web14 | 365

What are you looking at?!Jan14-web