Project 365 | Week 4

This week there’s been a bit of a change.  I’ve added in some images taken with my cellphone.  I promised myself to only use the big girl camera, but realistically, that may not always be doable as I’m a mom of three.  Life gets crazy sometimes.  (Oh, I also need to transfers those phone pics here, but I will soon…I hope!)

22 | 365

Max…AKA: Eeyore.Jan22-web23 | 365

Look…Two ‘Puters, Mommy!Jan23-web24 | 365

I’m still in shock that my baby girl is growing up…Jan24-weba25 | 365

(Phone Image)  Hydrangeas are just as gorgeous after they’re spent as they are when they’re new!

And…I do prefer this one is color, but with I’m sticking with the b&w theme for this project.  We’ll see if it lasts!Jan25-web26 | 365

(Phone Image)  This is the tree that I photograph often.  It’s in a place no one would ever suspect and/or think to photograph.  It’s “my tree”.Jan26-weba27 | 365

(Phone Image)  Holy shutterspeed, Batman!  Your camera phone is no match for me!Jan27-web28 | 365

They are even best buds in a virtual Minecraft world!Jan28-weba