Project 365 | Week 5

There’s been snow this past week…although nothing like they predicted!  This translates missed school days and creative indoor activities to keep our minds busy.  Definitely a must around here!  And more cell phone pics, which still need added to this post!  I’ll get there…I think!

29 | 365

Due to the nature of this image, I will not be sharing here on the web.  I have a few rules, and bathtub pics aren’t allowed on the world wide web!

30 | 365

This image, too, will not be shared here.  🙂

31 | 365

Wintertime crafts involve his sissy drawing the pictures while he colors them.  Cooperation is bliss!Jan31-weba

32 | 365

Still trying to come to an agreement on this image!  I prefer the camera phone image, but I really want to use the big girl camera pic.  Oh, decisions!

33 | 365

Morning slumbers…Feb2-web34 | 365

There’s someone (or two or three) sleeping in my bed!  Morning snuggles are the best!Feb3-web35 | 365

(Phone Image) Yep, it’s that tree again!  Let the snow begin!