Project 365 | Week 1

I’ve decided to start “another” 365 project this year…take one photo every day for a year.  Granted, this is NOT my first attempt at this project, but I’m hoping to make it the entire year instead of fizzling out in a few weeks/months.  And if you know me at all, you know that I have serious commitment issues so this should be interesting!  I’ve decided to inflict my own standards and rules…no longer go by what I think others expect in a project of this sort.  I’m a rebel, I know!  Only not at all!  Anyway, here’s to the first week of a project that hopefully lasts!  I want to capture my family and the world around us.  These images are for me…and for my kids…and for the sake of no one else.  If you dare to follow along, I want to thank you as it’s a way to encourage me to keep at it!  So…here I go!

1 | 365

These boys just may eat me out of house and home!

Jan2-web2 | 365

Embracing the grain with my little muse…Jan1-web3 | 365

I  said, “Please don’t look at the light.”  He said, “What did you say?!”.Jan3-web4 | 365

In the zone…Jan4-web5 | 365

Wonder and beauty abounds…Jan5-web6 | 365

Bubblegum, anyone?!!  And trying to make a decent bubble is more difficult than it seems!Jan6-web7 | 365

Blinds are way overrated!Jan7-web